Epicsports - Cricket Vs Football: Which One Is More Popular In The World?
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Epicsports - Cricket Vs Football: Which One Is More Popular In The World?


How are cricket and football doing when it comes to popularity around the world? Epicsports has done research on this, and we are here to tell you the answer. Find out how cricket compares to football in terms of viewership, top countries playing each sport, and more!

How popular is Cricket in the World

Cricket is a sport that originated in England during the 16th century. It spread from there to other parts of Great Britain and eventually to many other countries. Today, it is widely played in many parts of Asia and in several countries on every continent except Antarctica. Almost all of these countries have their own domestic competitions. Cricket is one of those sports whose popularity and following transcend borders, cultures, languages, and age groups, making it truly a global phenomenon when we talk about its reach across geographies.

How popular is soccer around the world

What makes a sport so popular that it goes beyond borders and countries to form its own culture? Soccer, also known as football, is by far one of the most loved sports in the world. With more than 210 member nations making up FIFA, soccer has become a global phenomenon. However, with a sport like a cricket being much older (it was invented in 17th century England), how could it possibly rival soccer’s popularity among people across continents and cultures today? Today’s comparison between cricket and football takes a look at how two of today’s most popular sports compare to each other. To do so, let us take a look at some statistical data compiled by ESPN's Infostrada team on both football and cricket.

Who Wins, Soccer or Cricket?

Before we can determine which sport is more popular in the world, we need to understand how soccer and cricket compare in terms of worldwide popularity. Both sports have been around for hundreds of years, and both have millions of fans who spend billions on apparel and tickets every year. (In fact, you might be surprised to find out just how much soccer stars are paid.) But just how does each sport stack up against one another? Let’s dive in...

Top 15 best sports in the world

(1) American football, (2) Baseball, (3) Basketball, (4) Boxing, (5) Field hockey, (6) Golf, (7) Ice hockey,(8) Lacrosse,(9) Rugby football,(10 ) Soccer,(11 ) Rugby union,(12 ) Squash, table tennis, and badminton. The most popular sports on earth are a mix of both professional and college games. A lot of us watched some sports in High School like soccer and basketball to pass time. However, it was not until now that people spend a lot of time watching live matches just for fun. There are some stats you would be surprised about where these top 15 sports come from how many countries all over the world play them.


It's difficult to measure how popular each sport is around the world, as it depends on where you're talking about. However, there are a number of reliable sources that have provided some insights into which sports are most popular in different parts of the world. As far as cricket vs football popularity goes, if we look at a report by Statista, they revealed that there were 159 million people who said they watched soccer or football in 2016. In comparison, one Statista report found that 77 million people said they watched cricket in 2016. While these numbers aren't necessarily scientific, and likely don't show us every country around the world, they do give us an idea of where different sports have differing levels of popularity—particularly when comparing cricket vs football popularity across countries.

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