Why You Should Play Epic Sports on Windows 10

Epicsports windows 10

Why You Should Play Epic Sports on Wizndows 10


If you’re looking for an epic sports experience on Windows 10, Epic Sports is an excellent option that won’t leave you disappointed. And the best part? You can play Epic Sports with your friends from all over the world, making it even more fun and exciting! In this guide to why you should play Epic Sports on Windows 10, I’ll cover what makes this game so great and explain why it’s unlike any other sports game out there today.

5 Reasons to Play Epic Sports on Windows 10

Epic Sports is a new app from Microsoft that brings several games to your computer. The more you play, the better you will get at them, and for many games you can compete with friends. Here are five reasons why you should try Epic Sports: 1. A variety of sports to choose from: There are currently eight games in Epic Sports including soccer, basketball, golf, bowling and archery. Although archery is not available yet, Epic Games has announced that it will be added soon. 2. Fun minigames within each sport: Each sport has multiple fun minigames that are extremely addictive as well as challenging and rewarding if completed successfully... 3.

Full-Screen Immersion

A lot of popular mobile games are available for Windows 10 (and will be available for HoloLens and Xbox One in due time), but you don’t need to play them on a phone or tablet—you can play them in true, full-screen immersion using your computer. Mobile gaming is awesome, but let’s be honest: It just isn’t as immersive as playing full-size video games with a controller. With new immersive PC experiences like Microsoft Edge, which includes fun features like WebVR, and built-in game streaming, you can easily throw out your old-school monitor/TV combo setup.

Intuitive Controls

Epic Sports is a game that has been developed for touchscreens. This means that it's one of those games which are better suited to mobile devices. One of its biggest selling points is its intuitive controls which mean that you'll have no problems playing it even if you're new to gaming. Just slide your finger up or down to control your player and tap/swipe with two fingers to perform special moves. When moving, sliding in different directions will make you move diagonally, making you more agile and harder to hit. Epic sports isn't just a game; it's a way of life! It's so good in fact, I've literally never played anything else since getting my hands on it! So do yourself a favor and download Epic sports for windows today!

Post-Game Analysis

It’s time to get serious about improving your gaming! The Epic Games Store, Microsoft’s online store, is packed with over 700 video games and you don’t want to miss out. So why should you choose Epic Games? Here are a few reasons: It starts at $19.99: Most games go for $19.99 or lower so you can play a new game every month without breaking the bank! Free Trials: Trial periods give you an opportunity to play epic games before buying them for up to ten hours—and even more if your purchase was made through a bundle.

Team Up With Friends

Playing with friends is one of Microsoft’s main focuses with their new Xbox app. In addition to browsing games and buying them, you can also play games with your friends through their built-in matchmaking system—though it won’t support cross-platform multiplayer (meaning you won’t be able to play against PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch users). The app also supports in-game streaming, as well as a host of social features for interacting with your Xbox Live friends. All in all, it looks like a good way to extend your gaming experience from PC into your living room.

Get In the Zone

When I think of Epic Games, I think of Gears of War or Unreal Tournament. And when it comes to gaming, anything Unreal is worth a look. That’s why if you’re trying to find great games for your brand new laptop, be sure to check out Epic Games’ titles available exclusively on Windows 10. Unlike its console counterparts, these games are set in a fictional world called Fortnite where players can fight each other in unique scenarios like Tilted Towers and Dusty Divot (my personal favorite). Microsoft has even created an official page dedicated to showcasing all of its partnerships with developers — and there are plenty.


While it doesn't seem like much when you look at it, or even when you're in a session of playing Epic Sports for Windows 10, building up your XP and leveling your team will be a satisfying experience. Sure, you'll have to work for some wins – there are no easy games here – but in that very difficult is what makes Epic sports so addicting and fun. If you've ever wanted to live out your own sporting dream or simply reminisce about something you loved as a kid, epic sports lets us do both while we enjoy hours of entertainment with friends online. It's fun and lighthearted; it's challenging and rewarding; it's something every gamer should check out.

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