10 Basic Rules to Follow When Playing Basketball
10 Basic Rules to Follow When Playing Basketball

10 Basic Rules to Follow When Playing Basketball

You might think the only thing pro athletes and those who compete in extreme sports have in common are their talent, drive, and physiques—but you’d be wrong! Plenty of high-profile athletes find time to give back to the communities in which they live and compete, whether it’s through charitable donations or by providing assistance to those in need. Here are 10 awesome sports stars who are also incredible humanitarians. Who says you can’t win at life? Read on to learn more about these amazing athletes and what they do off the field.

Michael Jordan

I believe there are two things that allow me to excel: hard work and discipline. If you don't have those things, you have no chance of success.

Andre Agassi

The night is one of my favorite times. It is when I have my best ideas and see my most brilliant thoughts. I used to get frustrated with myself for being unable to fall asleep until early morning hours. But now, I know better. My best ideas are often deep in thought when it's dark outside and no one else can see me struggling over a page or an idea. If you want to live your best life, stop rushing through your days just because time says so...you need time each day devoted completely and solely for yourself.

Jackie Robinson

It wasn't until I moved out of Harlem and saw people of other races living normal lives that I began to realize how much things had changed. Now, when I go back home for visits, I try not to react when my old neighbors call me 'nigger.' The older generation is set in its ways. But if you talk with young blacks growing up in Harlem today, they think it is perfectly natural for whites and blacks to live side by side.

Roger Federer

I think sleep is underrated, definitely. It’s super-important, because your body repairs itself when you sleep. You don’t eat so much during that time, so your body gets energy from somewhere else—it takes it from your muscles. When you don’t sleep well, it takes more energy from those muscles, and then they start breaking down. So getting proper rest and enough of it is super-important for athletes for sure!

Allen Iverson

Shooting guards have an incredibly hard job. Not only do they need to be able to shoot well from far distances, but they also must play good defense and facilitate team offense as well. The position has become synonymous with scoring more points than any other guard in basketball. It is widely accepted that Allen Iverson was one of these shooting guards, winning an MVP award and leading his Philadelphia 76ers deep into the playoffs year after year.

Bo Jackson

A perfect night of sleep is elusive for all of us, but particularly so for athletes. While most healthy adults should aim for seven to nine hours per night, many of us find that we just don’t get enough sleep—and athletic types are no exception. For those of us who run, bike, or swim competitively, it may seem downright impossible to squeeze in a full night’s rest. What’s more: when our bodies aren’t given proper rest (or if they can’t handle it), that leads directly to slower recovery and subpar performance in training.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This might come as a surprise, but it’s not just hard work that leads to success. It’s great sleep. In order for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to be his best, he must rest up and get enough sleep before competing in these high-level boxing matches. So, how do you turn getting good sleep into a competitive advantage? Make sure you spend at least eight hours of your day sleeping and try these tips

Thierry Henry

The simple act of reading before bed has been shown to increase sleepiness, but that’s not where Henry’s routine ends. On an empty stomach, I do yoga for about 20 minutes; then I read fiction for about 15 minutes; then I read nonfiction. So by that time, it’s already 12:45 or 1:00 am. (via Business Insider)

Mia Hamm

Research shows that getting adequate sleep is crucial for our mental health and well-being.

Pat Tillman

The story of Pat Tillman is inspiring and tragic. He grew up in sunny California and won local awards for being an outstanding student-athlete before graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in marketing. He was drafted by NFL teams but ultimately turned them down, choosing instead to join the Army Rangers. He saw it as an opportunity to make something more of himself while also serving his country. Unfortunately, on April 22, 2004, he was killed by friendly fire during his deployment in Afghanistan – just two weeks after leaving behind his wife Marie and two children while serving overseas. The real reason behind his death isn’t disputed: He was killed by members of his own platoon who mistook him for an enemy combatant...but why it happened is under dispute.

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