10 Sports That Build Girls Self-Esteem
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10 Sports That Build Girls' Self-Esteem

A lot of girls aren’t familiar with the concept of sports, or they don’t feel that they are athletic enough to try them out—but there are plenty of sports out there that not only help build physical strength and mental fortitude, but also help develop confidence and self-esteem. To find the right sport for you, take these ten suggestions into consideration and see which ones sound like a good fit for your personality and skillset.

1) Tennis

Tennis is a low-contact sport, meaning it isn’t as rough on girls’ self-esteem as contact sports like football or rugby. This lower risk of getting injured helps build a sense of comfort and competence in your body, which can translate to an increased confidence in other areas of life. In fact, tennis has been linked to higher levels of self-esteem and overall life satisfaction in women than all other physical activities except for running. Playing tennis also builds hand–eye coordination and fine motor skills – both important skills for success in school and beyond!

2) Gymnastics

Founded in 1894, gymnastics has a long history of being a female-dominated sport. Because of that legacy, women tend to feel more confident on bars and beams than in other arenas. They’re also good at rhythmic gymnastics, which is an athletic but expressive discipline that builds strength and confidence. [1] Gymnastics is great for building self-esteem because it’s both individual (you can do it alone) and team-oriented (teams compete against each other). Plus, you learn how to fail—and bounce back from those failures—in order to succeed.

3) Rugby

Rugby is one of those sports that may sound intimidating to those who haven’t been exposed to it, but rugby for girls actually has a ton of benefits for girls who want to build self-esteem. Although it’s played in 150 countries around the world, many people still don’t understand how rugby works. The game consists of two teams with 15 players on each side, trying to get an oval ball across their opponent’s goal line.

4) Softball

Softball is a popular sport for girls, which teaches them dedication and leadership. In fact, many of our presidents have played softball in their youth, such as Bill Clinton. Whether you play on an official team or just with friends and family in your backyard, softball is a great way to build character while having fun!

5) Basketball

According to a 2010 study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, teenage girls who took an introductory basketball class were more likely to feel competent and have a better sense of their athletic abilities. Plus, research shows that playing basketball can lower stress levels and increase cardiovascular fitness. All good things when it comes to building self-esteem! Also, check out these tips on how to get your girlfriend into basketball.

6) Cross country running

Although cross country running is often viewed as a guy’s sport, women who participate in it can enjoy great benefits. From self-esteem to endurance, girls can learn a lot from cross country running. In fact, according to Eileen Kennedy-Moore of Psychology Today , girls who participate in sports generally have higher self-esteem than those who don’t. Cross country also increases bone density and contributes to healthy weight maintenance and fat loss when combined with an active lifestyle.

7) Field hockey

Field hockey is an excellent sport for young girls and women. It builds confidence, teaches discipline, and develops teamwork skills that can be applied to other aspects of life. When you play on a team in field hockey, you learn how to work as a unit—it’s something that translates well into all kinds of different environments. If you want your daughter to develop a healthy self-esteem, field hockey is an excellent sport to get her involved in.

8) Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a great sport for girls who want to learn how to play on a team and improve their hand-eye coordination, as well as their physical fitness. As one of just two NCAA women’s sports (along with soccer), it’s also one of just three women’s collegiate varsity sports in general. It provides plenty of benefits for girls’ self-esteem — all while building skills that will serve them well outside of athletics, too.

9) Track and field

Track and field is one of those sports that all girls should try in high school because it’s not only good for building your strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and overall health—it also builds girls’ self-esteem! Not only will track help you physically (your heart rate will be elevated for long periods of time) but it also challenges you mentally.

10) Soccer

If you’re thinking that soccer is just another sport for girls, think again. It’s actually one of my favorites to recommend, because it builds self-esteem in a way that’s both physical and emotional. The camaraderie felt by teammates during practices and games are two reasons why girls love soccer so much.

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