The 5 Best Sports Streaming Services
The 5 Best Sports Streaming Services

The 5 Best Sports Streaming Services

Browsing the web looking for great sports content can be challenging at times, especially if you don’t know where to look. To help you with this challenge, I created this list of the five best sports streaming services currently available. Here are my picks

1) Sling TV

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2) FuboTV

fuboTV is a great sports-focused streaming service that offers tons of channels, including Fox Sports and NBCSN. For $35/month, you get 70+ channels for live sports and entertainment. You can also add Showtime for $10/month. (Here's a complete fuboTV review.) Another plus: when you sign up through our link, FanSided gets a small cut that helps support all of our coverage. Whether you're looking to watch football or MMA, college basketball or cricket, there are plenty of ways to stream it right here on FanSided without cable! If you want to know what channels fuboTV has and learn more about it, check out our fuboTV review guide!

3) Hulu with Live TV

Hulu’s live TV service offers a strong channel lineup, including major networks in some areas, and plenty of sports (including live NFL games). Hulu with Live TV also has limited DVR storage and can be watched on multiple devices simultaneously. It offers a one-week free trial, after which it costs $40 per month. Its channel lineup is also cheaper than Sling TV. However, you’ll have to add on more channels to get out of paying for commercials. If you want more flexibility than cable television can offer with its monthly subscription, Hulu’s live TV may be worth considering. For example, many professional leagues offer streaming packages only through their official websites—but it’s easy to imagine other leagues could soon follow suit.

4) YouTube TV

Hulu’s live TV service has been around for a while, but YouTube announced in 2017 that it would be rolling out its own service, offering a bundle of popular cable channels and live television—all over YouTube. This was likely motivated by Hulu’s recent deal with NBCUniversal to license both past seasons of The Office and 30 Rock (among other shows) over its platform. At $35 per month, YouTube TV offers one major channel missing from both Hulu and Amazon Prime: ESPN. If you want sports coverage, they have ESPN in spades, with NBA basketball and MLB baseball, among others.

5) Playstation Vue

Playstation Vue, Sony’s entry into internet TV, is another viable option for people who want to cut cable but still get some of their favorite channels. You get over 50 channels with Playstation Vue starting at $39.99/month for 55+ channels or $44.99/month for 90+ channels. You can watch on a variety of devices, and you can add HBO, Showtime and more for additional fees. Read our full review here .


If you like sports but don’t want to spend a fortune on subscriptions, here are some of my favorite sports websites: ESPN – ESPN is still hands-down one of my favorite websites for sports. It has news, scores, and stats from around the world and is easy to use. I also love that it has podcasts (I subscribe to their podcasts weekly). Bleacher Report – If you’re looking for articles about players or teams, Bleacher Report does a great job with interviews and reporting. They also do well in covering amateur leagues as well as major professional leagues like NFL football, MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, MLS soccer/football and NASCAR racing. Yahoo! Sports – This website covers just about every sport imaginable.

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