Breaking News : Lewandowski to Barcelona! full agreement with Bayern Munich. it’s done!

Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona, here we go! FC Bayern have just told Barça that they have accepted final proposal. Agreement finally in place between all parties.  #FCB

Lewandowski asked Bayern to leave also on Friday - he will jlin Barcelona during the weekend. 🇵🇱 

Robert Lewandowski will sign the contract with Barcelona during the weekend, already agreed since last February. Bayern will receive €50m add ons included. 🚨🇵🇱 

Lewandowski didn’t want to discuss with Chelsea or PSG despite many approaches: only Barcelona, like Raphinha. 

Robert Lewandowski’s intention to leave Bayern was clear in February, disappointed as he didn’t receive a ‘proper’ new contract bid. 🇵🇱 #FCB

Barcelona approached agent Zahavi at the end of February. Robert said yes. Only Barça.

Robert Lewandowski said goodbye to Bayern teammates and will sign the contract in the next 24 hours in order to become new Barcelona player. It's agreed since end of February. 🔵🔴🤝 #FCB 

Xavi, in contact with Robert for months to explain the project.