Portugal vs Georgia Match Preview

Portugal will play their final games of the group Against each other Georgia. No one they need to do, they need to get a result, they don't win the game really? Yeah. Have any chance to qualifying through the knockout stage and they've got a point after their first two games, their first ever appear instead of a major tournament and I think if you said to them at the start of the group stages, you're going to go into the final group game with a mathematical chance of making it through to the knockout stages. They absolutely would have taken that. They paid very well against their first game. They didn't get anything out of that losing three. One their second game against Czechia, they hold on A number of very good saves and that they could have won it with a brilliant chance uh in the final second. So they've been Not quite well maybe they've been the Revelation of this tournament because they're ranked 75th in the world. Don't think too many people were expecting them to be as competitors as they've have been. So, yeah, they've been they've been refreshing and good to watch and exciting and they've been involved in some good games, but it's a tool tool order to ask them to be Portugal in their final group stage game. Even if we think Portugal might rest some players that were very exciting. They certainly have excited us throughout the tournament so far with their performance as Georgia. Yes. Probably, maybe their best player but certainly they're busiest player. Yeah, the top class goalkeeper. Um, And I think now that this last game against Portugal, he has gonna have to play out of his skin to have any chance of getting a result because Portugal of the back of what we've just seen against a turkey. They were exceptional. And now they certainly were moving up to expectation now. Yeah, they are, they are um, I think he made eight saves in the first half against a Czechia sort of to keep uh George here in obviously George Mickaltati is called in both of the games for for uh, Georgia. So if he can keep that scoring form going, Maybe they've got a chance. I I don't know, it's a very tall order because, Portugal, it gets turkey. They if not put down a marker but showed everyone listen, we're here, we've got an incredible Squad. We've got a good manager and we know how to play in different ways. Changing up the formation, changing up, the personnel, they've got strength in depth so much quality. They're really, really stack this Squad. So even if they change things up, which they're probably will we probably will see her by some Martinez rest, some players, the starting 11 that they feel against you are just going to be so so strong. I think it's going to be very very difficult for Georgia to get anything out of the game. And like you said, Roberto Martinez is, has the opportunity to make a lot of changes because he's got is so, so good packed with, You know, top top class plays. That's a very tall order for Georgia to qualify for knockouts for me, Portugal. Uh, going to be one of the favourites and possibly probably will pick up all three points in that game as well.