What happens if Argentina wins copa america 2024 ?
If Argentine Argentina can win a Copa America, Finalisma, a World Cup, and then a couple of America, where does that put us? People talk about Spain, 2010 winning the Euros and eight and then in 2012, this would have to put them up there as well. If Argentina do go to the final couple Copa America and actually win it lifted once again then. Yeah, this has to be arguably one of the best International teams just ever rivalling. You know, the Germany little Dynasty they had for a while. This spain is trying to see I'd say more than Germany and how those iconic Brazilian teams were back. Then they Argentina will have to be in that exact same conversation. If they're not already close to being there

Half Every Martinez drills, one over the top. Lionel Messi comes from the half-life keeps himself on side, little Messi, at his age defenders still can't make a ground on him, he's still able to put his body in possessions, yes, he goes the public report and gets that wrong. But the fact that nobody is making a brown, a little Messi in a foot race, from the half line against speaks to The threat that he still possesses. He's not going to miss many of those chances. Are you sure today? And now that's worried that when it all comes together that little Messi again, not as best, but still arguably one best players on, if not the best period.