Portugal vs Slovenia ~ Match Review
On, let's have a look at our Portugal. Start. Then knock out stages, they take on slovania Portugal. Finish top in their group slim, anyhow didn't lose a match in their group. Let's talk a little bit about Portugal, though, lost their last match of the group against Georgia, but made a lot of changes that day. Yeah, eight changes Roma. Martin Su you would expect pull back to his try and test it. You know, where the Midfield of  vitinio And Bruno Fernandez, Be a question mark, on the left hand side, rather layout, you know. Two yellow cars was suspended for that. Final group game, You know, Ronaldo. Uh, you know, as you know, his age still going strong plane in that third game as well we should, we didn't expect still looking for his first goal. So, You know, they they are pretty solid in the way I was Presume. They'll start with a three. And the two wingbacks can change Tallow. Couldn't potentially stay in the team, You know. So, you know, you would expect them to be dominant. They'll be on the ball, they'll they'll ask questions of Slovenia, You know, it's it's still a tough test any chance. Christiano Ronaldo gets rotated. I mean, he started three matches. He was one of the only players that started that last crew match outfield and he didn't score against again. As you mentioned simulation, put that look against all around us because they're looking, you would have a knockout match. No, I don't. I think that last game answer the question because, you know, they they wanted to score. I think we're about to Martin has came out and said, You know, we need our captain in the team and uh, you know, he'll start that, uh, round of 16 game for sure as well. And we're looking to get in even more records. Yes. Yeah, I was frightening. How many here really has? And you ain't for competitions, well, you mentioned that Portugal will dominate possession they'll keep the ball. I don't think Slovenia mind that we've seen a consistent style from their manager in their 442, in the way they've approached matches in the group. Yeah, much as heck you know he's got them four. Four two as she said, you know, very, very good. On the other side of two fullbacks will be bombing on. They got evolve sneaker very experienced playing Midfield then they got Batman and Robbie not fun. Yeah. Spora and cesco you know, there have been an handful Score Few chances Cesco we've seen what he can do in the Bundesliga Um you know and he strikes from distance, you know a real threat, you can't give him any sort of space. And then for me, love the goalkeepers Janelle black, you know, he can single Adelie decide a game, you know. So, You know, he who needs to be on top form because he'll be Pat but they'll be plenty of chances for Portugal. Um but you know Don Carner, Slovenia. Absolutely.