Turkey vs Austria - Match Review

Austria against turkey is coming up for you on epicsport, Wednesday, 12 30 a.m. Australian India Standard Time. This is going to be filled with goals potentially, and Austrian particular, really pressed so far. This tournament had gone through this group winners, they've had the three, two win over the Netherlands. They're going to be talked to BJ. Not free to win over. The Netherlands was huge. And that showed togetherness team spirit, belief. I like Austria. They're a good team. They've got some really good players and now to reach as much as he does time, ridiculous things off the pitch on the pitch. He's actually a really good play. He's a tall man, strong, you've got great feet. Um, it's a bits are again. Um, Dortmund great player. He's up and down box to box, loads of energy. They've got a really good chance here but then you look at Turkey and Exactly the same. They've got so many good players there. It's going to be a great time. Turkey actually came into the tournament as the dark horses, didn't they? And like you say, they've got such in a rare talent, especially in that front line. Yeah, I mean, that yield Mars, yielders and Arda that, that quartet is really, really tired. They're so creative they play and sink. They just, it's like they've got a sixth Cents for each other. So excited to watch them play. Um, and the way they play, though, they play with such energy and jurors, they keep going. They keep wanting to score it. They're not one of those teams that will score and just sit back. They score the first one. They want to score the second one. So I can't wait for this game and turkey though. Need to be disconnected and 11 yellow cards against check your, and they're going to be without exactly.